Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Sale Fairy and Supporting great shops!

I have felt really great to be embraced by the Etsy community as I change my shop around to carry a greater variety of vintage purses, shoes and accessories.  I've made more sales in the last few weeks than I have in my entire year and a half on etsy.  I was hoping to feature a really fantastic jewelry shop run by a fabulous woman named Darcy, owner of Splurge.  She discovered me on the forums and sent one of my cherry red vintage purses to her friend who ultimately decided to purchase it.  I am thankful for the support and wanted to share my positive experience with everyone!

Take a look at one of the beautiful features for sale right now at Splurge.

Rae :)


  1. Those are really lovely. Too bad I made the mistake of stretching my ears when I was younger, otherwise I would buy those in a heartbeat.

  2. Thank you! I think her earrings are so cute.

    My ears are stretched, too. I have second holes but it's just not the same! :P

  3. Rae, thanks so much for featuring my earrings! Really, your amazing red purse sold itself. All the best with your shop transition. I love the funky and relaxed feel in your shop and your amazing photos. :)Darcy